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Legal Guidance Through Probate

When a person passes without a comprehensive estate plan, some or all of their estate may enter probate. This lengthy process carefully examines each asset owned by the estate and distributes it in accordance with state and federal law. Unfortunately for the family, this process may not fully protect their estate or the decedent’s wishes.

This is where Horvath Law Office comes in. With over 40 years of experience helping west Cleveland families face disputes and resolve legal issues, I have dedicated my career to protecting my community, their families and their future.

The Complex Demands Of Probate

I leverage my extensive experience to help my clients understand the probate process and their roles. I answer all their questions with practical counsel that promotes their goals and protects their well-being. Whether facing disgruntled family members bitter about their inheritance or aggressive creditors with an eye on the bottom line, I can help meet the legal challenges of probate, including:

  • Will contests
  • Removal of fiduciary
  • Elective share litigation
  • Determination of heirs
  • Debtors and collection agencies

These issues can have a severe negative impact on a grieving family. Without the clear and conscious care of a skilled attorney, a decedent’s survivors may lose precious family assets and financial security.

A Consultation Is A Phone Call Away

Families facing a challenging probate process will want a dedicated ally by their side. I can stand up for the family’s best interests and fight for their goals and happiness. Call me now at 216-208-0533 to set up a consultation and discuss the next steps.